We are leading the way to revolutionize material science technology through innovation, development and deployment of state of the art solutions to make life safer and improve the economic and national security of our nations

We are pleased to announce that Nano Tech:

  1. Has the know-how and the required advanced labs and production facilities to produce nano-materials and nano-materials technology on a large scale.
  2. We can produce locally at our facilities in Egypt, and with a world-class quality standards , many nano-materials you currently import or purchase from aboard, thus saving you hard currency and reducing your total cost of doing business
  3. We can produce locally at our facilities in Egypt, many of the nano-materials and nano-materials technology that might be prohibited for this part of the region, yet might be necessary for several industries specially the defense industry.

Our advanced R&D team can work with your R&D and production teams, despite the type of industry, to customized any nano-materials technology, or develop new ones, that might be required for your applications

We can develop on a large scale nonmaterial and nonmaterial technologies for the following industries and many others:

Also we produce the following Nano Materials on a large scale:

  1. Carbon Nano Tube
  2. Graphene
  3. Ferrites
  4. Metallizing (any surface) and Mirroring
  5. Nano Silica
  6. Nano Silver
  7. Chitosan regular and pharmasutical grade