We are leading the way to revolutionize material science technology through innovation, development and deployment of state of the art solutions to make life safer and improve the economic and national security of our nations

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NanoTech Egypt is the only company in Egypt and the first in the Arab world to fabricate different nanomaterials designed according to customer's request.
NanoTech Egypt not only provides nanomaterials but also provides the latest nanotechnology solutions to meet the needs of industries, scientific research and communities, including universities, research institutes, medical laboratories, etc...

We exist to improve the quality of life for our citizens and strengthen our country's national and economic security through better applied science and technology.

To be the Nanotechnology-Materials-Hub for the region and advance safer and greener technology in all aspects of life through innovation, development and deployment of state of the art nano materials technology-processes and preparing new generations of well-trained scientists able to innovate, deliver and serve this nation.

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